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Aug 21, 1998 11:45 PM

Gina & George Restaurant Puertorriqueno

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Has anyone else eaten at Gina & George, a Puerto Rican
hole in the wall with a counter up front and a few
tables in back on 106th St. near 3rd Avenue? I
stumbled on it today and had a tasty (and too copious)
lunch of pernil, rice and garbanzos for $4. The menu
was written on an envelope; the food was well-seasoned
and honest home-style with many more adventurous
choices than mine. The man next to me murmured,
"that's good" after finishing his chicken, the women
next to me devoured her tripe soup with relish before
handing over $2, and the big bowl of (I think) shrimp
salad with lots of onions, pepper, and tomato delivered
to the counter looked inviting.

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  1. I can't believe than anyone else has been to Gina y George! I was in the 'hood a couple of months ago, mindin' my business, recently back from a trip to Vieques, PR and heard from a local in the area that Gina y George was THE place for Puerto Rican food. It was all good, very homemade (bones in the stew and stuff like that) and the owner and his fiancee couldn't have been nicer. The coffee is top-notch too. I just wish they'd renovate the place -- it ain't pretty. I tipped off a food writer to the place but he never followed through, ignored the fact that despite the large numbers of Puerto Rican residents in NYC, there aren't many places that serve Puerto Rican food and that this place was worth a try. Some people just don't know how to follow up on a tip. But, I betcha Seitsema's been there!

    1. Boy! After coming to NYC from Caguas when I was eight, I loved going to my uncle Pablo's store (bodega) for some lechon asado, y cuchifritos con salsa picante. Sometimes I would go for the pasteles de guineo. I even worked there as a teenager while I attended Brooklyn Tech. Unfortunately, those days are gone. In Rochester NY ( No, it is not even near Westchester, it is only a few miles from Canada) there are few restaurant offering Puertorrican cusine. It is nice to know some of it still exists in NY. Next time I'm there, I'll check your restaurant out. Adios.