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Aug 17, 1998 09:09 PM

Les Sans Culottes West

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Has anyone tried this restaurant? I would appreciate
any info you have .

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  1. i don't know if i'd recommend it, as rene pujol or le
    bouchon are much better in the immediate area. both
    east and westside sites are kinda kitschy in their
    evocation of la vie parisienne, and if you're into
    charcuterie, that's about what you'll get. very
    friendly waitstaff, and if you're lucky they might
    offer a glass of marc (workingman's firewater) on the

    1. I tried the one on 46th near Ninth(if that's the one you mean) apprx three yrs ago. At the time for the price it was a decent meal. But I've heard from a friend who recently went that the place got seedy and the food was unappealing. Go there at lunch and try the sausage sampler w/crudites for $10-$15. You can't lose much.