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Aug 13, 1998 12:56 AM

Restaurant for Lunch near 42nd & Bway

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Need restaurant for pre Wednesday matinee theatre close to Bway & 42nd St. Must take (& honor) reservations. Would prefer menu with salads - ie light fare.

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  1. j
    joel tractenberg

    try the Bryant Park Grill behind the New York Public
    Library on 42nd between 5th and 6th. I'm not too
    familiar with the menu, but I'm sure they have salads
    and the setting is spectacular.

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    1. re: joel tractenberg

      I would caution against Bryant Park Grill. I don't
      have anything good to say about the food at all. The
      place looks great, so go for a drink (and try to avoid
      drunken NYC firemen ) This was one
      place where my girlfriend BEGGED me never to take her
      back for another meal.

      1. re: joel tractenberg
        robert miller

        i just had dinner with two friends at this restaurant. it was an unmitigated disaster! we were seated at 6:40. the manager was rude when we asked to switch tables. it took ten minutes to be asked for drinks. we ordered an appetizer. it took 40 minutes to be served. while we were in the middle of the appetizers, they brought dinner. we asked for it to be held in the kitchen. after we finished the appetizers, we waited over a half hour, till dinner was served. we asked to speak to the manager, he never came to the table. it was about 8:40 two hours after we were seated. the food? i almost forgot- it was distinctly mediocre. the restaurant tried to make amends by buying our second bottle of wine. a nice gesture but it did not make up for everything else.