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Aug 9, 1998 02:53 PM

Where to eat - only in NYC 3 days - HELP!

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I'm going to NYC for a brief trip, never been there!
I definately qualify as a Chowhound and want every
bite I have in the Big Apple to be the best. With all
the great restaurants how do you pick? I love Italian
and steaks or veal dishes. Can you help?

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  1. Go to Peter Lugers - It is the best steak in the country,and a real NY experience.

    For Italian, I highly recommend Babbo. It just recently opened to a lot of hype, but IT IS as good as they say. Some of the most consistenly phenomenal pasta dishes that I have ever had the pleasure of eating in a restaurant: from the gnocchi with prosciutto and portobello, the tagliatelli(sp?) with lobster, sweet corn and crushed plum tomatoes and the bucotini with baby octopus in a spicy tomatoe sauce. Plus, don't miss the grilled polenta and portobellos, with shaved parm. regianno appetizer. Call now for reservations.

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      Is this the new restaurant jointly run (or owned?) by
      Mario Batalli and the chef owner of Frico? Thanks. pat

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        Yes. Mario Batali runs the kitchen while Mr. Bastianach (whose family owns Felida, Frico, etc) runs the business end.

        I am usually rather disappointed with pasta dishes in restaurants. They are usually pretty good, but rarely great. I always think, what's the big deal, I could do this at home. Well on four seperate occasions trying 4 different pastas, I have been blown away. In addition, the room is very nice, but not at all dainty. I should stop talking now if I ever want to get a reservation there again.

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          Yes Frico owner in old Coach House Reservations are hard.

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        Ragnar Kolstad

        Hello Tori

        Last year I asked about the same question here. When I
        asked about The Great American Steak, most ChowHounds
        mentioned Peter Lugers and Gallaghers. Since my wife
        and I are smokers, Peter Lugers was a non-runner, so
        Gallaghers was our place. I've seen many critics saying
        that it's going downhill, but my wife's Filet Mignon
        and my own Prime Rib couldn't be bettered. Her mashed
        potatoes - she said to my disappointment - was as good
        as my own. Maybe we were lucky? We've never been there
        before or since, so we don't know.


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        1. re: Ragnar Kolstad
          John N. Knoesel

          I agree about Gallaghers. - Great steaks and big
          drinks! Not cheap but this place is a NY institution.
          If you like seafood a must is Oceana on E.54th.
          Another midtown favorite is Solera. Excellent tapas and
          a beautiful garden in the back.
          Regards, JK