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Aug 7, 1998 12:04 AM

The Ear Inn

  • j

No time to write up a "what I had for dinner last night" installment, so I'll give
it to you in distilled form: Go to the Ear Inn (on Spring Street) for a Guinness
Stout. Go there to hang out late into the night. Go there for coffee. But do not--
repeat, do NOT--eat there.

It's a shame; I remember them as being good-not-great years ago. But both
service and food rated an anguished screaming YECHHHHHHH

Anyone been to Bell Cafe lately? I hate the attitude, but their beer list is real
good and I remember having had a few ok meals there at one point.

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  1. j
    John Knoesel

    Hey Big Dog,
    Remember McGovern's and The Emerald on Spring Street?
    How about John Belushi's after-hours club on the corner
    of Spring & Greenwich ?
    Ah, the BAD old days!
    Regards, JK