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Aug 5, 1998 01:32 PM

tribeca cafes

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I need a place to have an 11am weekday business meeting in Tribeca. Need relative quiet, privacy, decent coffee, juice. Any suggestions?


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  1. Okay, so it's a little white-bread but the Millenium Hilton would be my pick if it's serious business. However, if your a creative type, say, an art director,

    I'd go REAL casual and meet at Basset Coffee House on West Bway.

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    1. re: amy tarshis

      I'll second the hotel suggestion. It sounds as though,
      in this instance, food is not necessarily your
      priority. Any of the large Financial Center hotels
      will work nicely (I recently used the Mariott
      Financial Center for a morning business meeting).

      If the hotel thing is not your bag, though,
      Kitchenette (West Broadway and Warren St.) should be
      relatively quiet at 11:00am.