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Aug 2, 1998 10:25 AM


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Has anyone been to Coco Pazzo Teatro - I have theatre tickets in Sept. and want to go there - need recommendations and info. Thanks. Whats the food like??

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  1. Interesting coincidence: I'm having dinner there
    on Saturday, pre-theater. My mother made the
    reservation, so I don't know anything about the place.
    Anyone else?

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    1. re: Josh
      stephen kaye

      its part of the coco pazzo family, nyc, chicago. food is good, overly dramatic, but good. pretentious if you will. coco pazzo up on 74th and mad, a mucho hang for hollywoodies, politicos, models etc.

    2. My impression of Coco Pazzo Teatro is that it's
      mediocre and much too expensive for the quality. The
      food was OK, but not special. The appetizers were
      better than the main dishes -- one sign, in my opinion,
      of a restaurant that's trying to squeeze by with
      minimum effort: They try to please (and sate) you with
      an appetizer on which they've done reasonably good work
      so that they can skimp on the rest of the meal. The
      main dishes were ordinary, oversized (another sign of a
      second-rate restaurant, trying to make money by selling
      you more food than you need), and overpriced. The
      desserts were poor.

      The service was unpleasantly hearty and
      over-solicitous. And stay away from the bar: Drink
      prices are simply felonious. $9 for a martini!

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      1. re: Josh

        Josh, thanks for the input - sorry to hear that it was so dissappointing - maybe I need to rethink. By the way, what did you have to eat?? It is unusual to hear that service was over solicitous - usually it is the opposite - what did you mean? I really am curious. Many thanks.

        1. re: sibbell park
          Josh Mittleman

          My wife & I started with their mixed antipasto, which
          was quite good. For a main dish, I had gnocchi in a
          tomato-basil sauce. It was OK, but only OK. My wife
          had a piece of samon filet baked with an herbed
          breading. She liked it a lot, but I thought it was
          remarkably uninteresting. We shared a dessert: It was
          advertised as chocolate torte (or something like that)
          with roasted plum sauce. It turned out to be a couple
          layers of dry, chalky cake sandwiching a bland filling,
          with a sad heap of plum mush on the side.

          Our waitress was clearly an out-of-work actress
          practicing her method. I could just picture her asking
          the headwaiter each night "What's my motivation this
          evening?" She opened with "How are WE this evening?"
          and it went downhill from there. Other people may have
          different opinions, but what I want in a waiter is
          efficient service, not an instant buddy. I don't want
          to know her name, her favorite dish, the important
          people she's served this week, or her opinion of the
          play we're seeing.

          1. re: Josh Mittleman

            Got a problem with women Josh? Your wife liked it a
            lot, you didn't and that's all that counts? "The
            waitress must be an out of work actress" - merely
            becuase she was trying to be friendly. Maybe you
            should go to the Palm - they barely speak to you. Or
            better still, stay at home and do the restuarant world
            a favor.