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Jul 23, 1998 06:24 PM

Question for Gary Cheong re. New Foo Key

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Took your recommendation for the beef jerky at New Foo Key and am planning on taking it on a week long back packing trip, ( a good break from the standard trail mix), given its extreme freshness and lack of preservatives, do you think it will be ok for a week in the backcountry?

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  1. Hi Christina -- which part of the country are you
    hiking in ? It would depend on the temperature there.
    If it's hot weather like what we have now in NY, I
    wouldn't keep it for for than 2 or 3 days (just to be

    But then again, those things are so addictive that
    they won't last a week in your backpack.

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    1. re: Gary Cheong

      Christina's backpacking up around Banff (sp?)British
      Columbia, right now. She's with my brother so I'm sure
      you're right Gary, the jerky is LONG gone by now!


      1. re: Janet Traub

        Gary and Janet, you were right. Christina and I ate
        the whole thing (one pound) before the plane took
        off!!! The regular pork jerky was awesome. Good find,

        1. re: Tomn Traub

          Ha Ha !! LOL !!!