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Jul 7, 1998 10:56 AM

Chocolate-Covered Potato Chips & Low-Fat

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I've had a chocolate craving lately so here's my not-so-expert opinion on whats worth adding an extra 1/2 hour to your workout for...

The Chocolate-covered potato chips at the small unassuming homemade candy shop knowns as EVELYN'S in the Financial district (on Beaver St. off of Bway). They're unbelieveable!

Also, Snackwell's has come out w/ a low-fat version of the chocolate/cashew "turtle" candy. And, they taste just like the real thing. Omigod, I'm sounding like Lisa Antinore! (Hi Lisa!) Okay, gotta get back to work now -- enough about food!

P.S. Does anyone out there know of any other unusual "must try's" in the "junk food" dept? Something that is

really outstanding or unusual?

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  1. Just returned from a week in New York. I'd mentioned
    the potato chips and Evelyn's to my son who lives in
    lower Manhattan. For my birthday we all went to Babbo
    and when I started to open my presents, there was a box
    from Evelyn's. I wish there had been two boxes! I
    passed it around for our wait staff who proclaimed us
    their favorite table. There were plenty left for a
    post-dessert treat for us all. Thanks, Amy.