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Jul 2, 1998 01:32 PM

Capsouto Freres Revisited

  • j

Got a mailing from Capsouto Freres offering a free
souffle and an announcement on their new chef, Eric
Heinrich. Has anyone been there lately?
When I used to work on Spring & Greenwich it was either
the Broome Street Bar for burgers or Cap for a little
upscale dining. I haven't been there in over 8 years
and since I'm in the direct mail business I guess I
should check out their offer

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  1. Hey John,

    Did you go yet? I didn't respond initially because
    it's been about 2-3 years since I went. I used to be a
    big fan of CF, loved the big airy space with high
    ceilings and exposed brick. But my last meal was
    disappointing and I haven't been back. Post here if
    you go. Thanks,


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    1. re: Tom Traub

      Not yet, but will post a report when I do.
      Thanks, JK