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Jul 1, 1998 05:47 PM

Tomoe Sushi Is Closed...

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well, just until 7/8. Can anyone reccommend any other really worthwhile sushi spots in the NYU area or even East Village?

I once heard of a place that was well known to be "the first sushi spot" in NY somewhere in the East Village, it was also known to be low on decor and high on quality -- does anyone know which place this is?

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  1. Cotan, on East 3rd street has great sushi. It's not well known because there are never lines. But it's great.
    Hasaki or Iso are my favorites, but unless you go real early or real late, expect to wait.

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    1. re: Sharon Levy
      Michele Fuchs

      I agree that Hasaki is great, there are many great sushi places in the area but I have to say that I dislike
      ISO so much, I wrote a post recently about a terrible experience there. Please look below or in another message board category category that would fit. Not only is the service rude, but the sushi is just okay. I used to love it there for years. Have you been there lately?

      I also love Tatany, both locations.


      1. re: Michele Fuchs

        I have to say that I've been to ISO and wasn't wild about it and, as a matter of fact, I have a theory as to why it is so wildly popular...they spell the name of their restaurant in CAPITAL LETTERS! Why does that matter? Because so many NY'ers rely on the Zagat guide for their restaurant choices and when they see ISO in capital letters they think "Hmm, that must be one of the BEST sushi places around"! Anyway, one day if I ever open up a restaurant I'll do the exact same thing.

    2. YAMA (Houston)is right around the corner and far
      better. If you're into whale sized slabs of the
      freshest sushi?