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Jul 1, 1998 03:00 PM


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Has anyone been to the new bistro Astor (on Bleecker
and Bowery) since the new chef was hired about two
weeks ago? Is there a new menu? Please advise.

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  1. Just went to Astor last Friday with mixed but overall
    pretty good results. Good diver scallop with celeriac
    ravioli appettizer, skippable cumin crusted tuna on
    escarole, good duck breast with soggy duck confit
    streudl, and a wonderful bitter chocolate molten center
    cake topped with a shortbread cookie and ice cream. We
    are planning on returning for the chocolate cake at
    least :)

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    1. re: Claire

      Definitely worth going to. The two times I've been there (for dinner and for brunch), the place was empty. I hope it does well.