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Jun 23, 1998 09:52 PM

Katz's is sold

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A little birdie just told me the whole block where
Katz's resides (around Ludlow and Orchard in Manhattan)
has been sold to Ray's Pizza. No further information is
available, but I fear the worst (or the wurst, as the
case may be).

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  1. I think that it was bought by the group that just lost
    the lease to the Rainbow Room and that the space will
    include a reataurant for Wally Malouf and one for the
    chef at Aureole who recently left. Of course, I could
    be wrong.

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    1. re: okrent

      It's my understanding that a building on the block, not
      the entire block, has been sold to Ray' is, of
      course, the building that houses Rosario's, one of the
      few places to get pizza as those of us who grew up in
      NYC remember it!
      You won't be seeing me in Ray's!

      1. re: Barbara

        Isn't that the same block with that great Turkish place
        Bereket? I hope this won't mean the end of my favorite
        late-night chow in the neighborhood!