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Jun 23, 1998 06:11 PM

Edible Flowers

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Does anyone know of a good source for edible flowers in Manhattan? I need alot of them for decorating a cake.
Are they sold at the Greenmarket?

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    Frank Language

    Penelope writes: "Are they sold at the Greenmarket?"

    Yes, certain farmers, particularly organic farmers,
    have them, usually packaged in little plastic bags or
    take-out containers. You might try D'Attolico's Farm
    (Friday and Saturday, I think), Blooming Hill Organic
    (Friday only), or Keith's Farm (Wednesday, Friday, and
    Saturday, but Keith is only there on Saturday). Be sure
    and ask if you can order a larger quantity; other
    markets than Union Square might be good to ask farmers
    as well. On Mondays there's an organic farmer at Union
    Square who has flowers too, I believe.