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Jun 23, 1998 08:39 AM


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Is there one deli in New York that stands out from the
rest in terms of quality, authenticity and value for

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  1. The second Ave Deli is definitely the best deli in the country.

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    1. re: Sharon Levy

      i must disagree regarding the second avenue deli. it
      was great but i have noticed a definite decline since
      abe lebewohl was murdered. i have actually been forced
      to send back all of my family's sandwichs one night as
      they were inedible. the decline in the quality of the
      pastrami is sad, very sad.

      1. re: don appel

        New York's Best deli is hidden away in Brooklyn. The
        Mill Basin Kosher Deli

        1. re: Mark

          "New York's Best deli is hidden away in Brooklyn."

          yes, it is. And it sure as heck isn't your place, Mill Basin Kosher Deli.

          And since we don't allow shilling by owners under the guise of objective customer
          testimonials, any subsequent mention of this restaurant will be immediately deleted from the site, even if
          it IS from someone actually impartial. Your other scam attempt on the kosher message board has
          been deleted, and I feel nothing but contempt for someone who'd exploit the
          sincere, trusting community of earnest chowhounds here.