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Jun 17, 1998 11:44 AM

Mexican in Lower Manhattan for Pat H.

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I cannot seem to reply to messages so I just semd a new post.

Tell your son to go to Maryann's on 2dn avenue and 5th street.
It is great food, cheap, excellent Margarita's and a nice crowd.
Young, hip and lively.

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  1. Thanks Michele (and Jeremy and Stephen). I'm off to
    Maine tomorrow for ten days. Hope to bring back some
    Chowhound recommendations from Down East.


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    1. re: pat hammond

      I guess I am a bit late to get the word to your son
      anytime soon, but in any case, i just tried out el
      sombrero for the first time which was at the corner of
      ludlow and stanton. the pint size margaritas were
      "not as strong as they used to be" according to one of
      my fellow diners, but did pack a bit of a punch (it
      IS, after all, a pint!). the quesadillas were great,
      though, and i had a great time, the atmosphere is fun,
      even if the service is not attentive.