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Jun 16, 1998 12:03 PM

Avenue A Sushi

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Not long ago, after arguing with my boyfriend about not
wanting to stand in line at Takahachi, I reluctantly
joined him for dinner at Avenue A Sushi (Between 7th
and 6th on A). We shared a "Boat" for two, which
included everything from Oysters to Scallops and the
usual stuff...(60$)..we then had two glasses of wine
elsewhere, as nitecaps before heading home. What was
lacking with this meal was that pleasant feeling of
being full but not exhausted that sushi usually brings.

We then woke up @ 4am and proceeded to be hideously
ill, with no use of our muscles for 3 days.
Puking raw fish and wasabi is NOT GOOD! Avenue A Sushi
refused to believe me when I called to tell them how
ill we were. They were rude and accused me of not
having ever eaten sushi before. I have not been able to
eat sushi since...and that was 6 months ago.

SO my reason for this message is to say: DON'T EAT

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    Frank Language

    I have no doubt you were as ill as you say you were -
    food poisoning is horrible, especially from fish - and
    an experience like yours would probably put me off
    sushi for a long long time.

    I ate at Avenue A Sushi over a year ago, and I just
    won't go back because the blasting disco music wasn't
    my idea of a great dinner ambience. If our party of
    eight could have been seated, we probably would have
    gone to Esashi across the street (just below 3rd
    street), which is a wonderful, wonderful sushi
    restaurant. Not only was the food perfect and perfectly
    prepared, but the waiter was courteous as well. I'm
    saving my pennies to go back; they're pretty
    reasonable, by the way, with "early bird" specials and
    the like. Excellent miso soup, excellent hijiki.

    Esashi Japanese Restaurant--32 Avenue A------505-8726

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      robert sietsema

      I can remember when the sushi at Avenue A was good, even spectacular, with an emphasis on innovation and weird kinds of rolls. Well, I went back there about a month ago and it absolutely sucked! My daughter ordered a simple California roll, and it was dripping with mayo (yuck!). Our extensive sushi order festered on the sushi bar for 15 minutes (as the nori got soggy) while the waitress wandered the premises like a person on hallucinogenic drugs. The best part of the evening was when I saw a 3" water bug crawling across the ceiling, and then was later awakened from my reverie by a piercing scream from the next table as the bug fell into a woman's sushi combo! It took the management about 20 minutes to decide what to do, as they waiters and busboys exchanged knowing glances. The diners were sent on their way, without any apologies or assurances. At least they didn't have to pay the bill!