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Jun 16, 1998 10:55 AM


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My son, who lives in lower Manhattan, is looking for a
good Mexican restaurant. Any suggestions?

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  1. Gabriella, at 93 St and Amsterdam Avenue. It's
    cheap, very authentic, and very, very good. Get
    the chicken: It's the thing they do best and it
    is an incredible bargain: A half chicken with two
    vegetables for $6, or a whole chicken for $11.

    Their seafood dishes are also very good.

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    1. re: Josh

      Josh, Thanks very much. I have emailed the text of
      your post to my son. pat

      1. re: pat hammond

        I agree on Gabriela's. Not everything is great, but
        it is a very good place on the whole.

        Downtown, on Greenwich St. in the Village, there is
        Taqueria de Mexico, where I had a very good and
        reasonable meal a few months ago -- pork in green
        mole, mixiotes (chicken in red chile and beer in
        parchment). The mole was esp. good , the sauce came
        together well, and did not have the raw pumpkin seed
        taste it sometimes has. For appetizer, we had tacos
        al pastor (treyfe mexican style shawarma) which were
        nice, but could not hold a candle to La Espiga's in

        A few blocks away is slightly more upscale Mi Cocina,
        but i haven't been there in about 6 years, so can't
        really recommend it.

        1. re: Alan Divack

          Alan, Thank you SO much. I think that ought to hold
          him. pat

          1. re: Alan Divack

            Just have to pipe in with a word of support for Taqueria de Mexico on Greenwich Ave. Much closer to true Mexican than just about anywhere else downtown, and at incredibly good value. Be sure to take them up on their $20 combination menus. The steak arrachera is wonderful.

        2. re: Josh

          go to MAYA 64th and 1st ave. 212 585 1818.

          1. re: stephen kaye
            jonathan gold

            Maya is just loathesome: muddy, oversweetened,
            inappropriately garnished and expensive food
            that has as much to do with real Mexican cooking
            as Burger King French fries do with the pommes
            allumettes at l'Ami Louis. Save your dough.

            1. re: jonathan gold


              You do, indeed, have a way with words! Thanks for the
              input. Pat

        3. Lupe's on Watts St. and Sixth Avenue has good food.
          Whatever you do don't go to the (IMHO) vastly
          overrated, overpriced Mexican Radio.


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          1. re: jeremy Osner

            Plus just now I had lunch at Tres Aztecas on Allen St.
            and Rivington, which I quite enjoyed.