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Jun 5, 1998 08:29 AM

Baking Supplies - Slightly OT

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Does anyone have a good, inexpensive, source for baking supplies (i.e. King Arthur Flour) in Manhattan? Something in the borough's would be acceptable if easily reached by subway or bus.



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    Frank Language

    I don't know about King Arthur Flour, but I'm always on
    the lookout for deals on baking supplies (chocolate
    chips, flour, sugar). The finest flour I've found can
    be had at Prana (125 1st Ave., between 7th and 8th
    streets) and is the whole wheat pastry flour (usually
    between 59 and 75 cents a pound). Mixed with unbleached
    white (about 75 cents a pound), it makes a great
    piecrust (not too tough, but holds together), or alone
    makes a wonderful cake.

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    1. re: Frank Language
      Joan Munkacsi

      King Arthur Flour has a mail order catalogue through
      which you can get not only all of their flours but
      tons of other stuff, some of it quite hard to find, at
      quite reasonable prices. The most recent catalogue I
      can find is Spring 1997. In it ten pounds of
      unbleached all-purpose flour is $6.45; postage is
      $5.99, but if you order a lot, it's $13.99 for 49 3/4
      lbs.--not bad. Their number is 800 827-6836.
      For European chocolate in bulk, try Fairway on 125th
      Street--last Christmas that's where I got all of my
      Callebaut, plus other goodies.

    2. No such animal as cheap baking supplies that I know of in Manhattan. The New York Cake and Candy Supply Co (or whatever on 22nd between Fifth and Sixth)has much of what anyone needs from flour to chef's knives, but at a price. Bridge Kitchenware and Broadway Panhandler carry an amazing array of utensils but little or no food stuffs. What I used to do was get my cake baking utensils and hard to find food stuffs (like Royal Icing, glycerine, and cake flour) at 22nd Street (Lisa is very helpful), then schlep on over to Economy Chocolate on Rivington on the Lower East Side for all my chocolate and candy supplies. (They've got great prices for Manhattan.) A cake maker I know says she has a chocolate source even cheaper in Harlem. Good luck.

      1. The Tuthilltown Grist Mill in Gardiner NY outside of New Paltz is not exactly in anyone's way in NYC, BUT they do mail order and I love their flours much more than King Arthur. They grind the stuff right in their 100+ year old mill, in small batches for freshness. Chocolate chip cookies and breads come out so well, I have to remind myself that it's not me, it's the ingredients which make the final product taste so good. Address: 1788 Tuthilltown Grist Mill
        Albany Post Road, Gardiner, NY 12525