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Jun 4, 1998 09:53 PM

Great lunch in mid 40's?

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Where would you go for a great weekday lunch in the 40's between Madison and 7th Avenues? We're two NJ ladies who will be in Manhattan next week. Price is not a consideration, but quality and atmosphere is important.

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    robert sietsema

    I'd go to the Diamond Dairy Restaurant (4 W 47) located on the mezzanine above the National Jewelers Exchange. Cheap retro food with good fish, and the ambiance is exceptional.

    More expensive is Wu Liang Ye (36 West 48th Street, 398-2308), a Sichuan restaurant owned by a Chinese conglomerate that have excellent and unusual (for New York) chow.

    Cheaper is Yum (44th between 6th Ave & Times Square), a lunch counter Thai with an amazing duck salad.