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Jun 2, 1998 01:42 PM

85 Down

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I recently had a couple very good meals at this small
Avenue A bistro, open about a year now. It's in the
old Ci Vediamo place at 85 Ave A and the owners are
from Miracle Grill. I can recommend the salmon
dumplings with Thai sauce and wild mushrooms in phyllo
pastry for appetizers. The skate entree was very good
too (skip the portabello/goat cheese napoleon!). They
also have a great early bird deal (5:00-7:00pm) for
$17, which includes one drink from the bar.

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  1. Hi Tom--I agree with you. Good steak, great mussels and
    fries, and beautiful bar. I go there once a week and eat
    at the bar. I can never order any other thing but the
    mussels and the perfectly cooked steak. I really like
    the friendly relaxed atmosphere. Jimmy the owner seems
    to know each customer personally and it's always
    reassuring to see the waiters of neighbourhood
    restaurants have a quick fix at the bar. Plus they have
    a pretty good little Bordeaux sold by half bottle.

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      I recommend 85 Down as well. Though I don't get there quite as often as you do, Andreas, Jimmy and the waitress (whose name I do not know) would all consider me a true regular.
      A friend and I went there recently (mid-week) and we were virtually the only diners the entire time. We were pleased to note it was much busier there on the next visit.
      The prix fixe is a great deal!