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May 29, 1998 01:46 AM

"Semi"Soft shell Crabs?

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Is it my imagination or is the wrath of El-Niño had an
adverse effect on the soft shells this year?
I've tried them in a number of restaurants (among them
couple of my favorite Japanese places that usually get
the best out of soft shells) and without an exception
found their shell to be tougher and more chewy then in
previous years.

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  1. I have no freakin' idea "weather" or not El Nino has
    had any effect on probably my favorite seasonal food,
    but I can tell you this : As posted before , the new
    chef at Julian's serves some nice soft shells @ lunch.
    Also!!! Had some this week at Bangkok Cuisine served
    with garlic sauce that were Dy-no-mite.
    Bangkok Cuisine - 8th Ave between 52-53
    Regards, JK