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Malaysian/Singapore Pork Jerky

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Strolling along Elizabeth St. a few months ago, I came
across a storefront selling this pork and beef jerky.
The smell and the flavors come very close to what I
can find back in Singapore. After living here for
about 20 years, this is something that I have sorely
missed from back home. The thinly sliced square
strips of meat are absolutely tender, unlike the shoe
leather I tried somewhere in Chinatown many years ago.

Go check this place out if you are in the nabe, but
you have to get there during the day (it closes
early). My recommendation is to try the classic pork
jerky -- that's the best, follwed by the spicy pork
jerky. The woman there will try to get you to buy the
beef and the curry beef ones also. Don't get the
curry flavored ones -- the commercial curry powder on
it is awful. It is not cheap ($15 per pound), but you
can buy just a 1/4 lb. Be careful, it can be quite
addictive if you acquire a taste for it.

The store's name is :

New Foo Kee -- 95-A Elizabeth St. (bet. Hester & Grand)

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  1. Gary,

    That's the place I tried a year ago. And you're quite right, it's great. I was very partial to the spicy pork (surprised?). Danny Young wrote about this place (that's how I found out about it.) He also wrote about another place that sold jerky (I can't find the article). But to everyone else this is great jerky (even at $15/pound)