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May 27, 1998 10:28 AM

looking for a Lobster !!!!

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I am NYC for 4 days next week (I live in England) I
would like some help with the following

1. Some quality resturants where i can take my
girlfriend for dinner (we are both mad on
seafood in paticular Lobster) - also is it advisable to
make reservations for weekends evenings ??

2. Some nice delis around the Waldorf astoria area (i
know your into blocks and streets but i'm English !!)

all recomendations will be digested

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  1. For your first request, Le Bernadin is considered by many to be the restaurant in the country. It is predominantly a seafood restaurants, with phenomenally fresh fish and creative and perfectly executed dishes.

    Other seafood restaurants to consider, Aquagrill in Soho is a fast rising newcomer. Less expensive and more informal than Le Bernadin, with a younger crowd. Excellent in all respects.

    Oyster Bar - Super fresh fish flown in daily from around the world. A NY institution.

    Oceana - another great choice. A bit less formal than Le Bernadin, but more formal and serious than either Aquagrill or Oyster Bar. Creative takes on classic seafood dishes.

    As for your deli request, here are some selections (not all near your hotel, but sometimes you have to travel for greatness) -
    Carnegie Deli (closest to your hotel); Second Avenue Deli; Katz's (real NY deli, but neighborhood might not be what you are looking for).

    Have a great time in NYC!

    1. And yes, you should most definately make reservations for any of the seafood restaurants mentioned, and make them soon. As for the delis - not necessary, and they don't take them anyway (as far as I know).

      1. Go to Burger & Lobster and ignore the burgers.

        1. For whole lobster I like the Mermaid inn (several locations) Lobsterpalooza special Sunday night.
          Or Grand Central Oyster bar
          For Lobster Rolls Luke's Lobster, several locations.
          There is also North River Lobster Co. that actually takes you out on the boat for dinner. I haven't tried it but it gets good reviews.
          My favorite Delis:
          Katz's the best and a true NYC experience.
          Pastrami Queen
          2nd Ave Deli (2 locations)
          Skip Carnegie, it's not even near the top of the list.
          For "Appetizing" Russ and Daughters

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          1. re: Motosport

            motosport thanks for the heads up on both mermaid inn and north river lobster co. the floating shack sounds like nirvana! lol
            Do you know anyone personally who experienced it last year?
            Also, are the lobsters very good at mermaid inn?

            1. re: smilingal

              All good at Mermaid!!
              No personal experience on the boat but Boat + Lobster = heaven!!