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May 22, 1998 08:04 AM

La (Le?) Soleil

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I ate dinner last night at a good Haitian restaurant on
the Upper West Side, on Amsterdam and 57th. I had their
stewed tongue; tongue is about my favorite meat and it
makes me sad to think about how few restaurants serve
it. Anyway this spicy stew was excellent, and was
served with rice and peas, and salad.

I haven't been to a Haitian restaurant before; I've
been to several West Indian restaurants near Brooklyn
College, and I liked La Soleil as well as or better
than any of them.


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  1. b
    Barry Strugatz

    Where do you like to eat near Brooklyn College?

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    1. re: Barry Strugatz

      2 places. I can only give you approx directions as I
      have not been out there for 2 years.

      If you get off the 2 train at the BC stop I believe you
      will be on Bedford Ave. and Flatbush. (I might be
      mixing up the names Bedford and Nostrand here). Walk on
      that street (Bedford) towards BC one block and there
      will be a Guianian (sp?) restaurant on the right-hand
      corner, which has very good goat and fairly good
      chicken. (The subway station also has an exit which is
      sometimes open at the BC end of the station; if you use
      this exit you will come out right outside the

      The other place was a Jamaican restaurant which I went
      to less frequently; they had excellent hot jerk
      chicken, pork and goat. When you come out of the train
      station walk Northwest on Flatbush, i.e. towards
      Manhattan, on the right-hand side of the street. You
      will see the restaurant about 2 or 3 blocks along, in
      the middle of the block; you can't miss it.

    2. Do you mean the little Hatian place on 94 & Amsterdam?
      Amsterdam starts at 72 Street.