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May 16, 1998 06:55 PM

stuffed jalapenos (a.k.a. poppers)

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Where in the burgeoning array of Manhattan
restaurants can I find really good stuffed
jalapenos--stuffed, that is, with jack (or other)
cheese, egg-battered, and deep-fried? In the
Midwest, where I'm from, they're also called
"poppers.'' The only ones I've found have been
noticeably frozen and, by the by, not at all spicy,
thanks to the gammy-palated boneheads who genetically
re-engineered jalapeno peppers so that they wouldn't be
hot any more. Anyway, can anyone help? Much obliged.

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  1. They have 'em at GLORIA'S in Tribeca (107 W.Bway/coner of Reade Street). Say hi to Harry!