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May 7, 1998 04:53 PM

Family food

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I'm bringing the family (teenagers) to Madison Square
Gardens to see "The Wizard of Oz" and we have a few
hours to shop and eat. I'm looking for a good place
for lunch - a little different, a little fun, not too
expensive. My daughter suggested Jekyl and Hyde's
(she's been there). I know about the celebrity cafes
but is there anyplace else I (or they) wouldn't want to
miss? We're coming on a Saturday.

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  1. I don't know how adventurous your teenagers are but Cabana Carioca on W. 45 between 6th and 7th might be fun. It's Brazilian food and I think they have very tasty, reasonable lunch buffets. It's very casual.
    You might also like Frico bar, just reviewed in this week's NY times. Good luck! (Frico is italian)

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      Dianne Donaldson

      I lived in Brasil for 15 years and loved a certain appetizer that you can buy in any coffee shop on the streets of Sao Paulo and Santos. It is called cochinha ( I am not certain this is the way to spell it) but it is served on a stick and it is some kind of a dough filled with either chicken or beef and then fried and it is delicious - Was wondering if I could get a recipe for this dish and if anyone knows what it is. I have been looking for this recipe for over 30 years. help please

    2. For about 30 dollars you can get a big plate of pasta a huge salad and lots of good bread, all served family style, at Carmine's. Lots of rich and garlicky flavors. I've never been to the mid town one, but uptown the waiters are accomodating and love families. You might even have leftovers.

      1. If your daughters are looking to sight celebrities I would suggest the small cafe next to my apartment building called Karen's On Astor. I go there every morning for coffee and an oatmeal. I have seen a ton of famous people; Natalie Portman, Chad Low and Hillary Swank, Sam Waterston, Falecia Rashad, Nora JOnes, Parker Posey, Brooke Shields, Matt Damon... It's just a little place - but I am constantly amazed.