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Apr 24, 1998 08:55 PM

Maya or Patria?

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It is Mrs. D's (if John K. can do it, so can I)
birthday next week, and I was thnking of taking her to
Maya or Patria. I am desparate for a chowhound
perspective on either of these places -- are they good?
worth the money?

We may actually end up at Nyonya in the end, which is
her favorite place!

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  1. Happy Bday to Mrs.D !!.
    Do yourself a favor, go to Nyonya.
    You can't go wrong.
    P.S. Piccola Venezia is celebrating their 25th
    Anniversary next week.
    Now there's a celebration place.
    Regards, JK

    1. Alan -- given the choice, it's Patria for me. Bear in
      mind a few things in making your decision ...

      1. Patria's food is not like what you find in the
      regular Latin mom-and-pop storefront restaurants. Many
      ingredients are the same, but Doug puts his creative
      stamp on everything he does. Most importantly, the
      food taste great too.

      2. The price tab for your dinner will be high, but
      worth it, in my opinion.

      3. There is no middle ground in anyone's opinion of
      the food at Patria. You will either be ecstatic and
      love it, or you would totally hate it. Fortunately
      for me, everyone I've taken to Patria has been

      4. When the place is full (which it usually is), it
      is loud and high energy. If you prefer a more
      peaceful atmosphere, go early (like at 6 pm).

      I consider Patria to be one of my favorite restaurants
      in the city. It's been 4 years, and the food there
      still blows me away everytime.

      1. s
        Steve Plotnicki

        Both places are great. Patria has the edge for a
        celebration as it's probably one of the more festive
        rooms in the city. Also, food presentation at Patria is
        creative and dramatic and more in line with a birthday.

        1. Patria.

          1. j
            jonathan gold

            Perhaps subliminally influenced by this
            thread, I actually went to Maya last week, and
            the food was practically unrecognizable as
            Mexican. Oversweet sauces, sloppy preparation,
            felonious abuse of melted cheese, soggy masa ...
            even the waitstaff seemed embarrassed to be there.

            The enthusiasm of critics for Maya is
            incomprehensible. Even if the place didn't serve pina
            colada flan.