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Apr 17, 1998 10:47 AM

Krispy Kreme

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Go to Krispy Kreme RIGHT NOW and get a rainforest crunch doughnut. Do it. Trust me.

(note: I am not particularly a Krispy Kreme fan)


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    Frank Language

    But whatever you do, don't get a cruller; unlike the
    French crullers you see at donut shops that look like
    truck tires but are light and airy, Krispy Kreme's
    cruller looks like a truck tire and have the same
    density. Uggh...

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    1. re: Frank Language
      Susan Thomsen

      Oh, break my heart with this casting of aspersions on
      Krispy Kreme crullers. I have loved them for twenty
      years! Granted, they are a wee bit tire-like in
      appearance.... Actually this gives me a good
      idea/excuse for a research project: to try both the
      cruller and the new Rainforest Crunch for assessment.

      1. re: Susan Thomsen

        Frankly, Frank is right. The crullers at Krispy Kreme
        are not only tire-like in appearance--they also taste
        like brake pads. I love the plain old glazed
        doughnuts, but I think everything else at Krispy Kreme
        is pretty crummy (my one Rainforest Crunch experience,
        sorry Jim, was unremarkable).

        1. re: Steven Shaw
          Susan Thomsen

          Good news! Krispy Kreme crullers, contrary to recent
          slurs, are still good. I bought one from the 8th St.
          store recently & liked it a lot. A cake doughnut, lots
          o'glaze, and a hint of lemon. The Rainforest Crunch is
          really, really sweet. You can best taste the crunch by
          eating it directly off the top. A loaded-up glazed
          doughnut & a seasonal thing, part of whose profits go
          to charity, according to an employee at the store.
          Best of all from my Krispy Kreme run was the Devil's
          Food. Chocolaty cake doughnut with the same sugary
          glaze as the cruller. Nice and fresh, like the others.

          1. re: Susan Thomsen

            I would like some info about buying a krispy kreme franchise.