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Apr 17, 1998 09:37 AM

theater district eateries \\\\\

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I will be entertaining clients and need a great suggestion. What do you recommend besides JOE ALLEN, BARBETTA, and ORSO ? I want to try something else.

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  1. Rene Pujal(sp?) - a great french restaurant, with friendly hands on owners. A cut above most theatre area restaurants.

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    1. re: Alex

      Rene Pujol on 51st between 8th & 9th has a $19.95 prix
      fixe pre-theatre meal which is a pretty good deal.
      Reliable bistro food.
      A good place on Restaurant Row is Lattanzi.
      Half the time I go to Afghan Kebab House ( BYO ) and
      have their lamb chops. GOOD CHEAP EATS !!!
      Regards, JK

    2. Here's a few other ideas in the theatre district that
      are fun and good food: Zuni (9th between 43 and
      42), Island Spice (43 near 9th).

      1. Le Madeleine, 43rd Street just off Ninth Avenue is a wonderful place with an indoor garden room that serves terrific bistro fare--eggs, burgers, fresh fish, salads, etc. moderately priced.

        B. Smiths on 47th St & 8th avenue (check that address if you go==also make a reservation) very innovative menu, excellent food, nicely served, moderately priced. I love their potato chive pancake with smoked salmon and caviar--their profiteroles make a nice dessert also.

        Delta - 48th St. & 9th Avenue = terrific cajun/new orleans style cooking. Oyster Po Boys, great gumbo
        nice selection of beer--really inexpensive at lunch and not much more at dinner. Fun place--no jackets or ties here.

        If you want something very special go to Le Bernardin on 52nd Street between Broadway & 6th Avenue. There is a prix fixed lunch for about $40 that just can't be topped. The fish is pristine and exquisitely prepared. Service is as expected from a restaurant of that caliber--top notch but not at all haughty. Desserts are to not to be missed and include a praline something with chocolate and maccaroon cookies and creme anglaise and then they bring out a tray of the tiniest little pastries you've ever seen and you're wondering where you're going to be able to put them!!
        Enjoy this one--it's one of the best in the world.