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Apr 17, 1998 07:07 AM

Arthur Ave. Bronx

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can anyone recommned a great restaruant on Aurthur
Avenue Belmont Bronx

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    1. re: Stephen Kaye
      John Kaminski

      Absolutely there's a great restaurant, Dominick's.
      Cash only, no menus, family-style seating. Try going
      really early or a bit later as I've always had to wait
      for a table. Just tell them what you want or let them
      order for you.

      For dessert, there's a pastry shop right next door
      that's unreal.


      1. re: John Kaminski

        In our opinion, as wellas that of friends, Dominick's
        on Arthur Avenue in the Bronx has got to be one of the
        most overrated restaurants we ever encountered. We've
        found the food mediocre at best, and have always
        marveled at the long lines in the street waiting to get
        a table. Obviously tourists from Westchester or God
        knows where; the locals stay away.

        1. re: Jules

          The only decent places in the Arthur Avenue
          district are:
          1. Tony & Tina's Pizzeria (only for Albanian
          burek, which tastes like those one finds in the
          2. Pizzeria Margherita (no phone) on E. 187 St.
          next to a bakery. Pasta sauce is made from
          scratch and one needn't ask for it 'al dente'.
          When the owner/chef is there, he will cook
          anything. He is fr and a superb the Bari
          3. Gurre. Albanians only. From the 10 seconds I
          spent inside, the aroma implied a master chef at
          large. But no outsiders are permitted.
          The other restaurants are cliche
          Italian-American: Albanian waiters, boring menu,
          South American cooks. Not bad but not good.

    2. there really are no great restaurants on Arthur Avenue. there is, however, great hand made mozzarella cheese and dynamite cold cuts at Ceglie (187th street, right off arthur avenue)

      btw--are you THE marv albert? I'd love to talk to you, off line about a kid trying to get into sports.