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E. Cornell Apr 13, 1998 09:41 PM

Has anyone ever been to Moomba? My friend wants me to take her there for her birthday. She loves being in the scene of the moment, so I have a feeling we'll get a lot of scene and the food will come second.

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    Brian RE: E. Cornell Apr 16, 1998 04:22 PM

    I went to Moomba about a month or two ago. As you guessed, the food is only okay and is slightly over- priced. However, if the scene is what you are looking for, this restaurant is the place to be. Note that the restaurant doesn't really seem to get going until after 9:30 pm.

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      no more moomba in NYC RE: Brian Apr 27, 2001 06:07 PM

      moomba (new york) has closed. you'll need to go to LA if you want to eat at this place. try The Park for good food and a major, major scene

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