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Mar 19, 1998 11:43 PM

Le Zoo & Tartine

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When lived in NY, I and my wife dined a couple of
times at Le zoo and Tartine.
We loved and miss very much these places now that we
are back in Japan.
How are they doing? Anybody tell me!


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  1. b
    Barry Strugatz

    Hello: I haven't been to Le Zoo or Tartine. But I'm curious if there were any Japanese restaurants in NY that you liked ?


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    1. re: Barry Strugatz

      Hi Barry,
      Though I did not go to Japanese restaurants in NY so
      often (because I was busy sampling every cuisine from
      all over the world :-)), I hope I can give you some

      For sushi, Sushisay is a very good place. They serve
      good, authentic sushi.Maybe a little bit expensive,
      but worth a visit.

      If you wanna try Japanese-bistro-type cuisine (we do
      not eat sushi every day), Go to Hasaki.You can have
      some good sake there too.

      For Japanese noodle (buckwheat noodle with soy sauce
      based soup), probably Honmura-an is the best place.

      If you care for Japanese sweets, Toraya and Tea box
      are the place.But it's a shame they are more expensive
      than Belgian chocolates.

      Though they are not considered Japanese, I think March
      serves excellent "Japan meets West" type food.I love
      this place.

    2. OK so no one seems to know these restaurants Hiro!
      Tartine is doing great! The owner opened another little
      bistro down the block called Titou and it is also
      wonderful--very romantic and tasty! Some of the
      waitresses at Tartine have left (both a nasty one and a
      nice one unfortunately). I know why you miss these
      places--I would too if I left new york!