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Mar 12, 1998 06:50 PM

Grand Szechuan?

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Has anyone been to the Szechuan place on Canal St. that
Ruth Reichl wrote up a few months ago? I think the
name was Grand Szechuan.

I was disappointed the last time I was at Golden Monkey
in Flushing, and I have a hankering for real

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  1. Haven't tried The Grand but since I know you hang in
    Flushing alot I was wondering if you've ever been in
    Szechuan Capitol on Roosevelt Ave.
    Their Shredded Beef with Chinese Pepper ( B-13 )
    lights your whole body up right to the tips of your
    toes !
    Nothin' fancy, just good chow.
    Regards, JK

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    1. re: John Knoesel

      Thanks for the tip -- we may try it.

      1. re: Alan Divack
        Lisa Antinore

        I almost never trash a place (prefer just to overlook it and concentrate on good dining experiences) but when I saw "Szechuan Capitol" I HAD to unleash....

        While I agree with John on the tastiness of the food, the preparation of it is quite questionable...

        Three of my school buddies and I got SEVERE food poisoning there after a luncheon last May. One of us ended up in the hospital for four days!!!!

        I have also seen rodents on more than one occasion ( I realize they are everywhere but when I pointed out a ruthless one that kept peering out from a server's station to a waitress, she laughed and did nothing...)

        If your'e not skeeved already here's another delectable morsel: After the food poisoning incident one of our colleagues at school told us that he had once had leftovers packed up to take home and when he opened them up found a bloody bandaid inside that had apparently fallen off his server's finger.... This from THE most reputable source .

        The aforementioned are enough to keep me away. If you MUST go, proceed with caution and don't look down at the filthy carpeting.....

        1. re: Lisa Antinore

          What a story!!
          I've only had take-out on the way home from the 7 train
          so I never got to meet your little friends.
          Here are my 2 questions; You mention seeing rodents on
          more than one occasion. Was that twice in one visit or
          did you go back again to make sure your eyes weren't
          deceiving you?
          Also, can you recommend a new place for Szechuan in
          Regards, JK

          1. re: John Knoesel
            Lisa Antinore


            It was on two different occasions. Rodents themselves usually don't freak me out completely (I know that they are in all restaurants at one time or another, but most establishments try to get rid of them or if not, hide them from customer's sight...) What upset me was that the waitress laughed and didn't even shoo them away..... (that was the second time, the first I ignored and decided to give them another chance...)

            I'd eaten there countless other times without any problems, it's within the last two years that they've let the place go to shambles....

            As for another great Szechuan, give me a little while to think...What with all of the Taiwanese, it's difficult..

            Hapy Eating,

            1. re: Lisa Antinore

              Thanks folks. I have eaten at Szechuan Capitol many times but never again. If you want a spotlesly clean place with very good Cantonese food in Chinatown try May Villa at 14-18 Elizabeth St. (The China Arcade) 212 240-9112 .Tip .Before 4:00P.M.even on Sat.or Sun, many of their dishes are served "on rice" for $3 to $5

          2. re: Lisa Antinore

            My boyfriend and I eat there often. We too saw
            the rats. Next time we came we brought a
            mousetrap and showed the manager at the end: He
            gave us a meal the next week ON THE HOUSE!!! (We
            were so glad for the good luck, at the next meal
            we decided not to look down.)

            1. re: Mimi Rongeur

              Uhhh... why would you even WANT to go back after
              seeing the rats ?? Obviously, that place cares
              nothing about food safety or the well-being of its
              customers. I would never go back if this happened to
              me -- even if the restaurant gives me free food for a
              year !!

              1. re: Gary Cheong
                Russell Drecque

                Gary, your'e such a gentleman! If porkers like
                Mimi & Lisa stay even 1 second after seeing a
                rat, they deserve food poisoning. I guess they'll
                put anything in their desperate mouths.

                1. re: Russell Drecque

                  "Russell Drecque"

                  Hard edged, opinionated messages are fine, but I have to ask you to PLEASE refrain from personal attacks.

                  Give me a break; I'm too busy to have to nuke lots of messages or break up flame wars!

                  The Management

                  1. re: Russell Drecque
                    Lisa Antinore

                    Watch yourself, sweetheart....

                    Many of my friends and family are in the restaurant business (either owners, suppliers, chefs, managers etc...) and I know for a fact that there are rodents in the majority of places at one time or another. most respectable establishments do their best to take care of the problem swiftly and inconspicuously.
                    As a matter of fact I spotted a tiny mouse in the lady's room at Le Bernadin last Friday night. Knowing that you hold the restaurant in such high regard (you were the one who wisely advised me to order TWO of everything....), I'm sure you'll never be back, right Russell?

                    I returned to Szechuan Capitol after I saw a rodent ONCE...I had eaten at Szechuan for years and years and enjoyed many fantastic meals. Seeing a mouse on one occassion wasn't going to get me up and running.... I'm a rational human being who knows that things happen occasionally and I decided to give S.C. another chance. Upon seeing a mouse a second time and witnessing my waitress's ridiculous reaction, I never set foot in the place again.

                    Keep your rude, ignorant comments to yourself. Go back to Le Bernadin and cram "TWO of everything" into your uncouth mouth.