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Mar 11, 1998 11:01 AM

El Cheapo Spanish Breakfast On Border of Soho/Tribeca

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I found a really funky old greasy spoon-esque Spanish coffee shop that I must've walked by a millions times 'til I gave it a shot. It's called the Westside Coffee Shop and it's on Church Street between Lispenard and Canal Sts.

They make a Spanish breakfast plate that is outta this world...Seasoned Black Beans, Yellow Rice, Two Eggs on top and then it's covered w/ Muenster Cheese and but under the broiler. It is a real treat! The atmosphere is great too if you like to feel that you've entered another country entirely. The juke box has all Spanish music (Luis Miguel...mmm) and the crowd is 100% hispanic. If you happen to speak Spanish you'll feel more at home and, for the best service, sit at the counter. The place is a bit odd but that's what makes it fun.

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