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Mar 8, 1998 03:26 PM

Good & Cheap in Harlem/Washington Heights

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Hi, I was wondering if anyone would know some good &
cheap places to eat in Harlem/Washington Heights...I
just began a job around 155th & Bdway, and I need
some places to go to for lunch/dinner badly!

Grace Toy

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  1. Grace,

    I used to live in Washington Heights, and I still work in the area. Near 155th, Wilson's on Amsterdam and 158, excellent Southern Cooking. El Paso on B'way between 157 & 158th is decent Latin American food (I like their Cuban Sandwiches very much--tho they've made me a couple of losers occasionally). Corporal Chicken is fair for a $2 grease fix on fried chicken. As for further down town, I've heard of some decent Latin American near 145th, but off the top of my head, I can't remember names.