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Mar 3, 1998 08:34 AM

Delta Grill, Friday Night Pre-Freak

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I'm not as good a critic as the rest of you guys
and gals but here's an attempt . . .


Limited menu but everything looked delicious. My
partner and I shared the oysters rockefeller/bienville
appetizer. It consisted of only four oysters with a
dish of totally unnecessary thousand island kind of
dressing (that remained untouched). The two rocke-
feller and two bienville oysters were good, not great,
and I felt that $8 was a bit steep for only four.
We asked for a carafe of house wine but they only sell
wine by the bottle. (Am I a peasant for asking for
house wine?) So we ordered a couple of glasses instead
at $4.50 a pop. I think that's expensive but I guess
it's the going rate. Anyway, the entrees were
really top notch. My friend had the blackened
yellowfin tuna (a standard menu offering) which was
served with a spicy polenta concoction. The fish was
nice and rare (but not raw) on the inside and nicely
spiced and crispy on the outside. He loved it. I
ordered the crawfish boil which was a special that
night. I got a huge bowl of the little critters
perfectly spiced with a half a corn on the cob and some
potatoes thrown in. If I do say so myself, I do a
"mean" crawfish boil at home and I must say that theirs
definitely measures up. Service was friendly,
efficient and nicely paced. It's small and cozy and the
Louisiana music (Zydeco, etc., played at just the right
volume) added to the comfortable ambiance and
encouraged conversation. Although I do think their
prices are a bit high ($22 for the yellowfin entree and
$18 for my bowl of crawfish) it's a perfect place to
eat pre-theatre and we'll probably go back.

(By the way, "Freak" was a great show!)

PS: Please excuse me for being sensitive to prices but
I don't dine in Manhattan often. Prices in Queens,
Staten Island and New Jersey are generally lower.

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    Michele Fuchs

    I think you did a fabulous critique! I could taste what you ate. noe
    that isn't bad. I think that the prices are probably in line with a restaurant of that
    nature in Manhattan, though I do think that $4.50 for a glass
    of wine is quite reasonable, especially if it was a nice wine. I have paid as
    much as $9.75 a glass in a restaurant or bar, though only if I m only having one
    and I want a certain wine.

    I will definitely try the place and I am glad you liked the show, I think he is great!

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    1. re: Michele Fuchs

      Is this the Delta Grill located in New York. Please
      let me know what anyone thinks of this place.

      1. re: De-light

        found the delta grill just walking around the area.
        the food is fairly good with portions more than
        sufficient. as i had the pleasue of dining in new
        orlens earlier this year (and had a real crawfish boil
        thrown by a friend) i can say teh the food in delta is
        good on its own merits, but does not compare to what i
        had in new orleans.