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Feb 20, 1998 11:21 AM

East Village Eats

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I recently moved to the East Village and would like to know of any restaurants to check out in the neighborhood.

In the last few months I have been to some really great places in the area, including Le Tableau, Col Legno, Holy Basil, Brunetta's, Miracle Grill, etc. But I am sure that there are more out there, and I am gearing up for a weekend of good eatin'

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  1. i am looking for fun and funky restaurants is the east village. any suggestions?

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    1. re: bob
      Frank Language

      Uh...can you be a little more specific? There's a whole
      range of "fun" and "funky" restaurants here. Do you
      have any preferences? At all?

      1. re: Frank Language

        In terms of origin of the food, I really do not have any preferences. As long as the food is good, I am happy. But in terms of "fun" and "funky", I do not consider the waif-model hangouts such as Circa on 6th Street much fun. To give you an idea of what I do like, two of my favorite places in the area are Le Tableau and Great Jones. They are very different, yet each makes me very happy. I am sure that is not much of a help, but its the best I can do.

        1. re: Alex

          I reminisce at this site because I no longer live in
          NY. I lived in the East Village for 7 yrs (live in
          Austin, TX now - probably moving back!) and I miss the
          neighborhood food so much! My hands down favorite was
          Takahachi - best sushi around (real crabmeat in the
          california rolls, fish HANGING over the rice on nigiri
          sushi, great udon too) and it happens to be one of the
          cheapest too. Usually a line to get in - try off hours.
          I also miss Teresa's white borscht, Benny's giant beef
          burritos, Dojo's tofuburgers, challah from Moishe's
          bakery or B&H dairy, 5 Rose's pizza, Bona Fides, Mee
          Noodle Shop, coffee from Open Pantry, shopping at
          Forucci's Italian Market, walking to chinatown... I
          think I'm gonna go cry now.

          1. re: allison

            Yeah, but you have Central Market which is quite
            awesome. It's 10 times the size of Balducci's so you
            don't feel crammed in. (Sorry to go off the subject,
            but I had to post this)