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Feb 18, 1998 01:15 PM

Going to "Freak!" and need to eat . . .

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"Freak" - The Cort Theatre, West 48th street,
Friday, 2/27, 8pm curtain - The only place I thought
of for dinner on that night was Uncle Nick's on 9th
Ave. (Haven't been there but from the comments on this
message board it appears to have possibilities.)
There's also one or two tiny Cajun or Jamaican places
on 9th I've passed but never eaten at. I'd appreciate
any and all chowhound suggestions on where to take
my date for dinner that night. Thanks lots.

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  1. I'm coming in from St. Louis and have tickets to FREAK
    for the matinee on 3/8. I'll watch this spot with

    1. b
      Barbara Sweeney

      There's a little out of the way place on 10th Ave between 50 and 51st streets called Druid's. Repeat visits over a period of almost three years have resulted in meals that were consistently very good to excellent - the only caution I'd offer is that the chef doesn't work Mondays. The winter menu has beef, pheasant, duck, pork dishes along with daily pasta and fish specials for reasonable prices. The chef's specialties are game and fish, and I can recommend the rabbit terrine as a starter.

      In the interest of full disclosure, as I had been going there fairly frequently the chef and I have become friends, but I was recommending the place before I knew him personally.

      1. Uncle Nick's is pretty reliable for good seafood and
        kebabs. Pre-theatre the place gets pretty crowded so
        get there early.
        You mentioned Jamaican and a place definetly worth
        trying is Island Spice. In the mid 40's just west of
        9th Ave. Really fresh, well prepared homemade jamaican
        chow at reasonable prices.
        A new place which just opened for cajun is Delta Grill
        on 9th @ 49th. My co-worker went and brought me back
        some tasty gumbo.
        Regards, JK