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Feb 14, 1998 08:59 AM

Try Arto's instead

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Arto's is located at 307 E 53rd. I've been two or three times (it's my friend's favorite restaurant) and the quality and freshness of the food has been consistent. They make their own pita bread, the yogurt is superb. I've enjoyed the salads, fish and lamb dishes, and the casseroles are quite good. The fried calamari is a good choice too if you like that. The restaurant is moderately priced. The lighting is dim in the way I like it, but it can get noisy. Call ahead to see if they are having one of those private parties. Happy Valentine's Day!

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  1. Thanks for the suggestion. I didn't get the message until after V Day, but I am definetley going to Arto's in the not so distant future.

    As for Molyvos. It did not blow me away by any means, but it was not a complete wash either.

    I was almost scared off before we sat down by the cheesy piped in "authentic Greek" music and the faux ancient greek pottery adorning the restaurant. I couldn't help but think that this was simply one more giant theme restaurant in the West 50's.

    Then we didn't get seated until a little after 10:30 (we had 10 o'clock reservations). So I was in a hyper critical mood by the time we were seated.

    The gratis warm pita bread and rosemary loaf along with the delicious eggplant spread were top notch. The appetizers, however, left much to be desired. My grilled calamari was rubbery and flavorless. A huge disappointment. My fiance's greek salad was steeped in oil and rather unimpressive, with wilted pieces of cucumber, a dearth of feta, poor seasoning. To top it off, the wine we ordered was horrible - but this was my fault, I ordered it.

    Now to the good stuff. The entrees were excellent. I had grilled porgy(sp?). It was sweet and moist, and you could taste the wood over which it was grilled. My only complaint was that it came naked, no accompaniements, which is fine as long as the waiter tells me this ahead of time so I can order accordingly. Also, $23 for a piece of fish, no sides, is a little steep. My fiance had a delicious rack of lamb - great cut of meet, very flavorful, with delicious roasted potatoes.

    So overall, it was not a horrible experience, not a great experience. But that is not exactly the feeling you want to walk away with on a special occassion.

    1. Anyone been to Artos recently? I'm going on Friday and
      would appreciate some tips. I know Arthur Schwartz
      recommends it, but what do you guys think?