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Feb 10, 1998 07:57 AM


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I was planning on going to Union Pacific for Valentine's Day, until I called to confirm my reservations and they informed me that they would charge my credit card if I cancelled after Thursday (is that legal?). Then they told me that they were only offering a limited selection prix-fix menu. The reason we wanted to go there in the first place is because we read about a wonderful sounding entree in a review, and sure enough this entree, or anything even remotely similar, was not offered on their "special Valentine's Day menu." In addition, the prix fix meal was in excess of $70, not incuding tax, tip or drink. I am not cheap, and will gladly pay whatever it costs for a great meal, but this place has not proven itself or have a reputation warranting such steep prices.

Now to the point of this post:
I cancelled my reservation at Union Pacific, and made a last minute reservation at Molyvos. This place has a great P.R. machine, I read about it in every conceivable magazine. But I would like to know from any fellow Chowhounds who have been there what they think, and any recommended dishes. Thanks.

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  1. Molyvos is a sister of Oceana. The food is great and
    prepared well. The grilled calamari and rabbit stew I
    had were both quite tasty.
    The surroundings are beautiful and the service
    friendly.Have a good time, JK

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    1. re: John Knoesel
      Amy Keyishian

      My in-laws are in love with this place -- they've been
      there several times already, and they don't even live
      in New York -- but I was pretty unimpressed. I found
      the food to be a bit bland, and had nothing
      particularly memorable. I'm trying to get them to try
      Delphini -- from what I've read, it sounds better. Any
      thoughts on that?

    2. m
      Michele Fuchs

      I would definitely check it out. I went there when it first opened and
      although I felt they let us order too much food, everything we ate was
      fantastic. We went with mostly standard fare. What better way to test a
      restaurant. It is a pretty place with attentive service. Though, I repeat it has been a little while.


      1. s
        Steve Plotnicki

        I ate there in November and it was horrible. It's too
        bad as there is a dearth of good places to eat in
        Midtown and based on the reviews, I was hoping that
        this was going to be good. After dinner one of my
        guests confessed that she had been there for lunch a
        few days earlier and it was equally dreadful. She
        didn't want to say anything before dinner hoping that
        her prior experience wasn't a good representation of
        the place. So goes it. There's too little time in life
        to waste it on what is at best, mediocre Greek food.

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        1. re: Steve Plotnicki

          Wow, that is disheartening! Most of the reviews I have read (both from professionals and layperson) have been positive, but I have heard others express sentiments similar to yours.

          It is too late for me to back out now (considering that I won't be able to get a reservation anywhere else on such short notice). Were there any dishes that you would recommend, or alternatively, dishes that I should avoid?

        2. I have only been to Molyvos once and wasn't bowled over. It was hit and miss. But what I liked least about the place was the tendency for dishes that would seem to have little in common to taste alike -- a pet peeve.

          You could do worse, but don't expect transcendence and you'll be likely to be satisfied.