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Feb 4, 1998 12:54 PM


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Went to Tapika last night (on expense account, not
mine). Was very impressed with the appetizers, a
little bit less so with the entrees, although the
grilled tuna was excellent. Would recommend, among
appetizers, the romaine salad with green chile
buttermilk dressing, the black bean dip and the shrimp
quesadilla. A good point: my entree had real spice,
put my mouth afire but didn't hide the taste. A bad
point: my margarita was dreadful, undrinkable.

By the way, has anyone read about the neurological
disease "Gourmand's Syndrome"? And is it possible that
all of us who frequent this site suffer from it?

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  1. With Gourmand's Syndrome being in the news lately, the
    same thought you had occurred to me. I doubt there's
    an epidemic, but if there is, what a way to go! pat

    1. for info on Gourmand Syndrome (pretty funny), check out

      1. d
        Dave Feldman

        I've been to Tapika many times and never have had a consistently outstanding experience. The service is usually winning, and invariably there are several good dishes out of our party's assemblage.

        I agree that the appetizers are usually better bets than the entrees.

        For NY Times subscribers, be aware that Tapika accepts Transmedia/Timescards.


        1. At first, I really liked the place -- especially the cookies-and-milk dessert. However, on my last visit (about a year or so ago) the waiter had one heck of a mega-case of attitude/pomposity that I've never returned.

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          1. re: John Speer
            Dave Feldman

            Evidently you aren't the only one, John. Tapika is
            changing format, from Southwestern to "cowboy
            steakhouse," whatever that means.