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Jan 23, 1998 07:48 AM

Lunch and dinner in NY, NY

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My friend and I are coming to New York from London in the UK for a shopping trip. We want to visit some really nice restaurants (not to expensive) with a lot of atmosphere (basically lots of fun!). Can anyone recomend anywhere in Manhatten, Greenwish etc.

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  1. Mesa Grill and the more casual Mesa City are both reasonably priced restaurants with a fun atmosphere. The food at Mesa Grill is better and there is a larger selection. Bobby Flay is the Chef and he is well known in the US for his excellent southwestern food.

    La Mela in Little Italy is a unique dining experience. The italian food is tasty, and the service and decor are very, very original. There is no menu and you basically negotiate the price of your meal when you are done.

    Cite is a steakhouse (without the typical beer-hall decor) in midtown (near Rockeller Center). The have a deal where all the wine with your meal is included for free. The choice of wine is good, as is the food.

    1. One thing to do would be to park yourselves at the bar
      of Patria (Park Ave. South & 20th St.), get a couple
      of cocktails like the Mojito or Patria Colada, and
      then order some apps. off the menu. Do try the
      Honduran Fire & Ice tuna ceviche -- it's delicious,
      plus the presentation is awesome. The chef Doug
      Rodriguez is doing interesting things with his Nuevo
      Latino cuisine.

      I also recommend Union Pacific (on East 22nd St.)which
      is 2 blocks away from Patria. Beautifully decorated,
      with a very talented chef in Rocco di Spirito. They
      also have a lounge to try if you feel dinner is too

      There are also 2 restaurants in the new hip
      neighborhood of NOLITA (North of Little Italy)worth a
      try. Rialto - 265 Elizabeth St (Betw. Houston &
      Prince), and La Cigale - 231 Mott St. (Betw. Prince &

      You should also take in the atmosphere in the
      downstairs lounge of Chez Es Saada in the East Village
      at 42 East First St. (betw. 1st & 2nd Ave.) Food can
      get quite expensive and is only ok, so you can skip
      that. Just go for drinks.

      If you like a late night nosh, go to Blue Ribbon - 97
      Sullivan St (near Spring St). Get the bone marrow
      with oxtail marmalade (yum !!) or make friends with
      Alonzo (hope he's still there) the oyster man at the
      bar. If you crave sushi, walk up the block to Blue
      Ribbon Sushi (119 Sullivan St).

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