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Jan 17, 1998 02:13 PM

E-coli for the Elite!

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A radio newscast (WQXR, 9am Saturday) mentioned
that 13 among 20 of the poshest eateries favored
by chi-chi reviewers and celebrities were
inspected by the Board of Health and found to
have 'problems'. Two names cited for their lack
of hygiene were Woody Allen's fave Elaine's and
Le Cirque 2,000. It seems that the 'je ne sais
quoi' flavor in their specialties may be nothing
more (or less) than simple ol' rodent droppings.
I got all sentimental and teary-eyed for the days
when the New York Times would publish the week's
(s)hit parade, or citations by the Board of
Health. Often one would find Friday's 5 star rave
on Sunday's brown list. This service to diners
was discontinued due to corruption among
inspectors, but ought to be resumed, being that
Mayor Giuliani has restored the city to a
near-Nirvana level of efficiency and integrity.
Perhaps we can contact the Board of Health (as
this information is probably and legally public
info) and publish updates on the secret(e) life
in the 5 star kitchens of Gotham?

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    Frank Language

    I recall SPY magazine used to also publish a (s)hit
    parade, listing things like rodent droppings and insect
    larvae as having been found in certain restaurants and
    fast-food joints around the city.

    (You were kidding about the "near-Nirvana level of
    efficiency and integrity", weren't you?)

    Beth (using Frank's account)

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    1. re: Frank Language

      I'm afraid so. Nirvana can mean a nice place to be
      or a nice rock band imelling its leader to take his
      life. The choice is yours!