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Jan 14, 1998 05:21 PM

researching top restaurants/chefs in NYC

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I'm doing some research in which I'm trying to identify the top 100 restaurants and chefs in NYC. Any help that you and your readers could pass on would be greatly appreciated.

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    Angelo Marvelli

    Hello. I am a future graduate of Johnson & Wales
    University. I am originally from NY and would like
    to know who the masters of my field are in my
    hometown. I was wondering if you could help. I am 19
    years of age and very eager to pursue my career but
    do not know the best way to obtain the information I
    need to be successful. It would be greatly
    appreciated if you could lend me a helping hand while
    pursueing my career goals.


    Angelo Marvelli

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    1. re: Angelo Marvelli

      You can start with the placement offfice of your
      school. Surely Johnson & Wales has restaurant
      contacts around the country, and in New York. They
      can help you land an internship at restaurants.

      Just curious -- besides learning how to cook, aren't
      there required reading that you must do to keep
      abreast of what's going on in the food world,
      especially in a food mecca like New York ? Forgive
      me, but I am just a little baffled at your question on
      who the "master chefs" are in the NY restaurant
      scene. I would think that anyone enrolled in culinary
      school can rattle off names ad nauseum.

      To start you off with a few names ....
      Gray Kunz of Lespinasse; Eric Ripert of La Bernardin;
      Jean-Georges Vongerichten of Jojo, Vong and Jean
      Georges; Alfred Portale of Gotham Bar & Grill; Daniel
      Boulud of Daniel; Sottha Kuhn of Le Cirque 2000; Nobu
      Matsuhisa of Nobu; Doug Rodriguez of Patria (a
      graduate of Johnson & Wales)

      If you are serious about wanting to be a chef in your
      old hometown of NY, you should be keeping tabs on who
      the players are, and what they are doing. Try real
      hard to get an internship to work in some of the top
      kitchens, even if you have to do the legwork yourself.
      Good luck .