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Jan 13, 1998 10:20 PM

Californian's looking to dine in opulence

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Hello New York ChowHounds!

I will be in Manhattan for 6 nights in two weeks. This
will be my 2nd trip to the big apple. Although, I am a
native of SanFrancisco, California, New York City is
and always will be my favorite city. I will be
travelling with 3 friends. This will be their first
trip to NYC. Unfortunately, we are not food and wine
experts as apparently most of you here are. However,
we do enjoy fine dining. What most impresses us is
opulence. I'm hoping you can make some suggestions on
places to dine that provide a formal and dramatic
setting. I have been told to dine at the Four Seasons
Hotel and the Monkey Bar. Would you agree? Are there
any others? We are looking to spend anywhere from $50
to $100 per person per night. We're interested in
Italian,French,Morrocan, and Thai. Any other
recommendations would be great. I would greatly
appreciate any suggestions. We will be staying in

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  1. Two on the short list are Palio and Aquavit. Your
    message cuts off without telling us where you are
    staying but these two are worth the trip. I'd call
    today for reservations.
    Enjoy your trip. JK

    1. c
      California Kid

      Thanks John!

      Sorry, Don't know how the rest of my post got cut off.

      We will be staying at the Renaissance Hotel located
      in Times Square. I will look into the Palio and
      Aquavit today.

      Thanks again

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        You might consider Les Celebrites. Haven't eaten there myself, but it's intimate, beautifully appointed, and evidently has superb service. With a good bottle of wine, you might not be able to get out for $100, though. If you are in the mood for caviar w/your opulence, you might try Petrossian, across the street from 58th St.


      2. Lespinasse sounds like it would be the perfect choice. It has wonderful food, and a very dramatic and opulent setting in the St. Regis hotel. Other restaurants to consider are Daniel; Le Cirque 2000 (a sort of pee-wee playhouse-type opulence); and Le Bernadin.