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Jan 11, 1998 12:32 AM

9th Ave. Food Festival??

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Does this event still exist? If so, when is it held this year? I remember attending several years in a row in the early 80's, and enjoying Vietnamese spring rolls from at least a half dozen different vendors, at least as many different nationalities of empanadas, the best sausage and peppers from an italian butcher just below the port authority, freshly hacked-open coconut and sugar cane, etc. Is the fest still as good as I remember, or for that matter, was it ever as good as I remember?

Hoping to re-live some fond memories.


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  1. Guy, if I lived in Pennsylvania like you do (for those reading along, Guy Hagner's doing wonderful things with beer at Franconia Brewing), the Ninth Ave Street Fair, with it's kaleidescope of ethnic munchies, would hold a far greater attraction. But while the fair does, in fact, offer a large volume of stuff to try, most of it isn't the most interesting chow NYC has to offer (although Sietsema and I got a taste of some UNBELIEVABLY great African food a few years ago at the fair, and have been trying to track down the chef ever since).

    So if you're in town for the fair (which will, like the swallows and Capistrano..etc,etc...take place again sometime this summer for sure), you may want to skip it and do your own custom-tailored food tour. Stop in here to Chowhound and we'll steer ya straight--and perhaps set you up with some all-new even fonder memories!


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    1. re: Jim Leff

      Unfortunately, the 9th Ave. Food Festival has turned
      into more of a flea market than a chowhounding
      experience. Most of the ethnic places that 9th Ave. is
      known for don't even participate. It's the same old
      sausage & peppers, Zeppoles and the like which can be
      had at any festival around the city. Like the Alpha Dog
      advises,you are better off trying the various
      restaurants on 9th Ave. than making a special trip just
      for the festival
      Regards, JK