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Dec 19, 1997 07:40 AM

City Center Restaurants

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My husband and I are going to the City Center to see Alivn Ailey (w. 55th street). Any suggestions for a moderately priced restaurant in the area--Italian with a nice wine selection would be good!

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  1. Above moderate would be Da Tommaso on 8th Ave. @ 54th
    Street. The food and service is first rate here and
    they know their wine here. If you enjoy homemade pasta
    dishes you really should try this place.
    A little more moderately priced yet very good quality
    food can be had at Mangia e Bevi and Julian's on the
    corner of 53rd and 9th Ave. Julians is a real funky
    spot with great pasta dishes around 10 bucks ( not
    homemade ) and a nice Chicken Portobello.
    Enjoy! JK

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    1. re: J.Knoesel

      I have had some very poor meals at both Julian's and
      Mangia e Bevi. The main attraction at the latter
      restaurant is the entertainment. At various points in
      the evening the staff turns the music up loud, passes
      tambourines among the crowd, and leads the diners in
      excited bacchanals (okay, table dances). But the food
      is mediocre. Last time I was there (and I won't go
      again) I had a puttanesca made with tasteless canned
      black olives, no anchovies and tomato puree. For a
      restaurant that specializes in simple Italian, the meal
      dish was a travesty. I would recommend neither

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