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Dec 12, 1997 07:52 PM

justin's overpriced but clueless menu

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went to justin's (you know puff
daddy/puff mama's upscale rest. in
chelsea). what is that with a beer
costing eight bucks and an entree
of gumbo cositng twenty four bucks
(yeah, you heard me right) -- and
they MAKE A POINT of telling you
that the gumbo entree DOES NOT
COME WITH SIDES. Are they nuts?

An entree of catfish and two sides
costs $19.00. They are in
dreamland with their prices, but I
suppose those platinum wigs and
furs coats and little "televisions in
the crapper" costs a damn sight
more than you would think.
although the food is basically good,
my advice is go somewhere else
unless you LIKE being overcharged.
OBVIOUSLY geared towards rich
people, not regular people. we
were afraid to ask for the dessert
menu, since a bottle of perrier
water costs $5.00. they are in
dreamland. i guess the prices
would not irritate me so much if
they really were in the class of a
great restaurant. But nobody
charges $24.00 for gumbo, jesus!!

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