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Dec 10, 1997 04:02 PM


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Has anyone eaten lucnh at Monzu? I would like to try it but first would like to hear from others.

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  1. Harold,

    I have not been to Monzu since May when it first
    opened. I've heard good and bad since then. However,
    I had a good meal when I was there.

    I especially enjoyed the pasta with bottarga (which
    can be an aquired taste for some).

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    1. re: Gary Cheong
      Lisa Antinore

      On one day a week (it's either Tuesday or Thursday) they prepare the classic Sicilan St. Josephs Day dish- pasta con le sarde- an interesting combination of sardines, wild fennel, currants and pignoli nuts. It is ALMOST as good as my grandmothers!! Definitley try it...

      1. re: Lisa Antinore

        Thanks for the tip. That's another dish I really
        like. I still remember fondly the time Celestino
        Drago (of Drago's in Santa Monica) made it for me --
        just awesome !!

        1. re: Gary Cheong

          Now that is a meal I would enjoy and go for. Lunch, however, was a dissapointment. We ate the prix fix. I had a pasta with a fresh tomato sauce sprinkled with bread crumbs. My friend had a cauliflower fritata which wasn't a fritata but an omelet. Perhaps the point is the French connection.

          1. re: Harold

            Sorry lunch was a disappointment. Generally, I try to
            stay away from prix fixe lunches -- the price may be
            attractive, but there's always something I really
            don't want to eat; I end up ordering a la carte.

            Are they still offering the pasta with bottarga ?